• Piper Vision

    The TV Studio

    The Hamline University TV Studio, located in Bush Library, consists of a studio space, a control booth, and an adjacent digital sound studio that uses the studio space as a larger recording space. Access to the space is limited to students working on approved projects.

    Piper Vision

    The Studio is the home of Piper Vision, a student run television show on Channel 66. Piper Vision features Hamline piper-centric news segments, comedy skits, and much more.

    Piper Vision is hosted and edited by Digital Media Arts and Theatre Arts students and is run as a Theatre Department work study. Students can apply each year to work on the Piper Vision team as an editor, performer, or writer. Each position can provide useful knowledge on the production and editing of video segments.

    Past members of Piper Vision include MTV Video Award-winning alumni, Derek Johnson '03.

    Piper Vision on Youtube

  • Hamline University on YouTubeSubscribe to Piper Vision on Youtube and check out some of their uploaded videos or tune in to Channel 66 to watch them on television.

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