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    Scholarships and Awards

    Theatre Scholarship

    This $3,000 scholarship is given to first-year students and is renewable for an additional three years. Recipients of the award are required to be active participants in the Hamline University Theatre Department and participate in regular departmental reviews.

    Applicants must complete an application form and submit it to the Office of Undergraduate Admission or apply online.

    Students using a printed form must submit a résumé of their theatrical experience and involvement along with the scholarship application form and a theatre arts letter of recommendation. Based on these materials, a select number of students will be invited to audition on campus during Scholars Day. While at Hamline, scholarship recipients must be actively involved in the theatre program two of three terms each year and maintain a 3.0 GPA. 

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    Note: All prospective undergraduate students must apply for admission to Hamline University before applying for additional scholarships. 

    Departmental Awards

    Kimes Scholarship

    The William Kimes Scholarship was established by alumni and friends of Dr. William Kimes to honor his 38 years of teaching and dedicated service to Hamline University (1964 to 2002). Dr. Kimes served as the chair of the Department of Theatre Arts and Communication Studies, led popular theatre tours to England and was active professionally as a  performer in a number of area theatres. The scholarship is awarded by the Department of Theatre Arts faculty.

    McGonagle Family Scholarship

    The McGonagle Family scholarship was established by Todd (class of 1986) and Vivian (class of 1949) McGonagle to provide opportunities for students with a particular interested in theatre design and technology. Todd was a theatre major and worked as the scene shop manager following his graduation. Vivian was a triple major in English, Spanish and history. She was active in the theatre program directing plays and performing. The scholarship is awarded by the Department of Theatre Arts faculty.

    Simley Scholarship

    Established in memory of Anne Simley and her mother Karen Simley, this scholarship is given to a student of Junior or Senior standing who demonstrates outstanding achievement in the field of Theatre Arts.  The Simley Scholarship is awarded by the Department of Theatre Arts faculty. 

    WhitelEy Scholarship

    The Larry and Irene Whiteley Scholarship was established by a gift from the estate of Mrs Whiteley in honor of her son Mr Larry Whiteley (class of 1957). Irene was an active musician and performer who had her own jazz band in the 1920's. She passed away in 2007. Larry had a long career in the performing arts in the Twin Cities area as a singer, actor and a well known director. Larry died in 1999 at the age of 63. The Whiteley Scholarship is awarded by the Department of Theatre Arts Faculty in consultation with the Office of Financial Aid.

    Holt Acting Award

    This award is given to one male and one female student who have demonstrated excellence in the Performing Arts at Hamline University Theatre. This award was first initiated by a gift from alumni Greg Giles. Today, this award is sponsored by the Holt Theatre Endowment Fund. The Holt Acting Award is determined annually by the Department of Theatre Arts Faculty. 

    Additional Scholarships

    Hamline University offers a number of different scholarships and awards. For more information about scholarship opportunities and the application process please visit the scholarship page.