• 2013 Senior Exhibition

    2013 Senior Exhibition


    Matthew Gockowski - Sculpture
    Hillary Olson - Painting & Photography
    Seth Stratton - Sculpture
    Meaghan Sweeney - Painting
    XinXin Zheng - Sculpture

    Artist Statements

    "Most often I find myself contemplating the world around us and an environmental theme tends to make its way into my work. The play between arbitrary social constructs, human interests through industry, and the natural world within and around those concepts is the foundation of what I try to express through art." - Matthew Gockowski

     "Art for me is about the process. I am drawn to painting and photography because the creative process for both allows me to be open to the possibility for accidents." - Hillary Olson

     "You decide what the work turns into; I decide how to help it happen. I want you to take a seat, talk with me for a while, pick up some wool, and get to work. Try something new and get involved. Art is not static or an end result: it is here, now, and relevant." - Seth Stratton

     "I seek to confront the pictorial history of gender and our understanding of known masterpieces using color, line, and form as a vehicle to communicate with the viewer.  My themes are primarily feminine, drawing on an iconographic language of curvature and hue, figurative and organic shapes, to probe subconscious ideals of visual culture that have been timelessly categorized as 'womanly'." - Meaghan Sweeney

     "Since childhood I always wished to touch and play with the clouds. In my pieces, a cloud is no longer placed on the sky, but is made close to the viewers, allowing the viewers to participate in its being, motion and spirit." - XinXin Zheng

    Special thanks to Virginia Buck, Art History Major ('13), for her contribution to the exhibition's catalog text.