• play Exhibition

    Fall 2013

    Stephen Mohring

    September 27 – November 21
    Seoffker Gallery


    September 27, 2013 5 – 8 pm
    Artist Lecture from 5 – 6pm
    Opening reception 6 – 8pm
    * Free and open to the public


    The recent and new sculpture I’m making is, at its core, a meditation on the transformation of wood from tree to hand-made object.  All the wood used has been locally sourced, milled by me, and worked primarily with hand tools.  The videos in each piece are non-narrative, slow loops of simple movements illuminating the base, often-elegant motion in activities like standing, walking, waiting, listening, and watching.  By combining the visceral nature of traditional well-crafted materials with the seductive allure of time-based media, I hope to draw attention to the raw beauty of this deeply physical transformation.


    Stephen Mohring teaches sculpture at Carleton College. He runs the college sawmill program, which he developed in collaboration with the Arboretum, producing sustainably harvested lumber for the art department. He also works as the resident set designer for Ten Thousand Things, a Twin Cities based company that brings lively, intelligent theater to people with little access to the wealth of the arts.