• Career & Postgraduate Opportunities

    Internships and Apprenticeships

    The Twin Cities provide a wide array of internship opportunities for Hamline students. Art students may arrange apprenticeships in any studio area, either under the direct supervision of a studio faculty member, or an off-campus supervisor (with approval of the department). Art history majors have interned at local galleries and museums, as well as at a range of nationally and internationally renowned institutions. 

    Postgraduate Opportunities

    Many studio majors commit themselves to graduate study following the baccalaureate degree. Those who do not proceed to graduate work find employment wherever imaginative or creative effort is called for: advertising, personnel work, display, small business, and sales representatives. Those who finish graduate programs move into such professions as: practicing studio art, teaching in schools and colleges, architecture, design, advertising, positions in museums and galleries, and art editing.

    Art historical studies provide a strong basis in research and writing; thus art history majors often pursue careers in arts and writing-related fields. Art history majors often seek positions in museums and galleries, arts organizations, and educational institutions. In order to gain employment in colleges, universities, and museums, art history majors pursue graduate studies in art history at Masters and Doctorate levels. Those interested in attending graduate programs should consult with faculty members during their junior year in order to prepare for the application process.  Art history majors or  minors considering graduate school in the field are strongly encouraged to take courses in foreign language (French and German are most strongly recommended) while at Hamline. 

    Opportunities for Non-majors

    Many art and art history courses are open to non-majors. ART 1130 Drawing; ARTH 1200 Western Traditions: Prehistory to the Middle Ages; and ARTH 1210 Western Traditions: Renaissance to Contemporary are introductory courses for students with little or no exposure to the arts.  All Art History courses at the 1000 level are open to and designed for students with little or no background in the arts, as is ART 1100 Visual Arts for Non-Majors (intended primarily for juniors and seniors). Combinations of studio and art history courses are highly recommended for a broader understanding of the arts and visual culture.

    Postgraduate Apprenticeships

    Qualified graduates may arrange to do postgraduate apprenticeships in any of the major studio areas under the supervision of a studio faculty member. These apprenticeships allow students to develop their technical skills as well as provide an opportunity to enhance individual portfolios. Apprenticeships are an excellent stepping stone to highly competitive graduate programs. Apprenticeships are undertaken for one year and must be approved by the department.

  • Career Development Center

    Learn more about career paths, transferable skills, and relevant organizations that relate to a major in Studio Arts.

    Download a career information sheet for your major from the Career Development Center. You may also contact the Career Development Center at 651-523-2302 or workshop@hamline.edu for more information.