• Sociology Major (BA)

    Major Requirements

    A student who wishes to major in sociology will complete 44 credits in the department. These credits must include the following five courses in a sequential order:

    • (recommended in a student's first year)
    • (recommended fall semester of a student's sophomore year, following completion of SOC 1100)
    • (required fall semester of a student's junior year)
    • (required spring semester of a student's junior year)
    • (required in a student's senior year)


    These five courses (20 credits) form a foundation of sociological knowledge. The remaining 24 elective credits are selected by students to reflect their individual interests.

    The department strongly recommends that sociology majors take statistics, either MATH 1200 or QMBE 1310. These courses do not count as part of the sociology major. Knowledge of statistics is invaluable in doing sociological research and is frequently required by graduate schools. Students who are interested in pursuing graduate work in social work should also take a course in biology, preferably human biology. All sociology majors are required to complete an internship as part of the Senior Seminar and Internship.

  • Sociology Major Requirements

    The Sociology major consists of eleven courses (44 credits). Five of the courses are required and six courses are electives.

    The required courses are:

    • Introduction to Sociological Thinking (SOC 1110)
    • Sociological Practice (SOC 1200)
    • Social Research Methods (SOC 3930)
    • Theorizing Social Life (SOC 3950)
    • Senior Seminar and Internship (SOC 5960)

    Students’ six elective courses may be taken throughout their studies. Students should take the required courses in the following order:


    Sociology Major Requirements First Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year

    Fall Semester

    Introduction to Sociological Thinking SOC 1110 EITHER TERM

    Sociological Practice SOC 1200

    Theorizing Social Life SOC 3950


    Spring Semester

    Introduction to Sociological Thinking SOC 1110 EITHER TERM


    Social Research Methods SOC 3930

    Senior Seminar SOC 5960