• Senior Web Portfolios

    This page spotlights web portfolios created by recent Social Justice graduates as part of the Social Justice Senior Capstone course. These web portfolios consist of a digitized collection of artifacts that showcase students' social justice training and areas of expertise. Peruse through the web portfolios and see all the accomplishments of Hamline's Social Justice majors, including internships, coursework, independent studies, collaborative research projects, artwork, music, awards, grants, scholarships, study abroad experiences, community engagements, advocacy work, activism, conference presentations, student leadership, and much more.

    Social Justice Capstone Fall 2020

    Damyn Hultman
    Queer/Trans Studies and Intersectionality
    Dominique Johnson
    Youth and Intersectionality
    Leah Mair
    Race, Criminal Justice, and Advocacy
    Jacob Ostermann
    Social Groups and the Law
    Paul Tripeny
    Advocacy for People with Disabilities
    Sophie Warrick
    Art for Social Change
    Andrew Weston
    Gender, Justice, and Liberation

    Social Justice Capstone Fall 2019

    Savannah Spirov
    Art for Social Change
    Kalu Abosi
    Urban Education
    Kiera Newson
    Race, Art, and Social Change
    Kathleen Butler
    Reproductive Rights and Parental Incarceration
    Taylor Curtis
    Gender, Sexuality, and Race
    Shaniah Smith
    Reproductive Justice

    Social Justice Capstone Spring 2019

    Jenna Alstad
    Performance Art and Social Change
    Richard Crenshaw
    Race, Power, and Politics
    Conner W. Suddick
    LGBTQIA + Activism and Policy
    Robert Northrup
    Intersecting Systems of Power

    Social Justice Capstone Fall 2017

    Kiki Beswick
    Black Women's Activism
    Ella Brown
    Social Justice Education and Pedagogy
    Kyra Engen
    Youth Leadership and Nonprofit Management
    Alexandria Jenai Rice
    Urban Agricultural Food Justice
    Nico Van Ostrand
    US Imperialism and Asian Fetishism
    Ashley Zukowski
    Social Change through the Arts

    Social Justice Capstone Spring 2017

    Alyssa Volkmann
    Conflict, Power, and Intercultural Dialogue
    Catherine Jacobson
    Health, Equity, and Policy
    Katie Jerome
    People and the Environment
    Merry Snyder
    Resilience in Gender, Violence, and Social Change
    Kaele Culver
    Gender-Biased Violence and Advocacy
    Joseffa Smith
    Social Justice and Sustainability

    Social Justice Capstone Spring 2016

    Olivia Haidos
    Advocacy and Action
    Joseph Damman
    Transformative Communication and Justice
    Ehtalow Zar
    Karen Refugees
    Annie Labrie
    Intersectionality, Globalization and Mass Media