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    Social Justice Research

    Collaborative Research Projects

    Joseph Damman
    “Who Has a Public Voice? Twin Cities Justice Workers on Inclusion in Political Discourse,” with Dr. Valerie Chepp.
    Awarded a 2015 Collaborative Research in Sustainability (CRIS) Award.

    Departmental Honors Projects


    Jenna Yauch
    When Home is Where Where the Hurt Is: Minnesota’s Address Confidentiality Program Keeps Battered Women Safer


    Molly MacDougall
    Educational Equality in Germany: The Turkish Minority


    Julie Blaskowski
    In Pursuit of Culturally Competent Mental Health Care for Bosnians: Provider Education and Experiences

    Colin Schumacher
    Beyond the Pale: The Men's Movement, Conflict, and the Psychological Maintenance of Privilege

    Laura Wilson
    Remembering Communities of Resistance: The Role of Commons in Struggles for Indigenous Autonomy


    Peter Elwell
    Stories of Sustaining Action

    Special Learning Opportunities

    Students in the Social Justice Program have the opportunity to learn from guest teachers representing various facets of social justice work, including legislators, urban and rural activists, artists, and educators.

    Numerous local, national and international field learning opportunities and internships are an integral part of the program. A variety of campus-centered social justice initiatives, including student advocacy groups and projects related to Social Justice Week, also provide students with opportunities to put their learning into action.