• Psychology Major (BA)

    Forensic Psychology Concentration

    Students majoring in criminology and criminal justice, legal studies, or psychology may choose to complete a concentration in forensic psychology.

    Major Requirements

    The major in psychology requires 14 courses as described below.

    Psychology Foundations:


    Students must complete one of the following courses.


    3000-level Domain Courses:

    Students must complete one course from each of the four domains below.

    Biological Foundations

    Self and Development

    Individuals, Groups, and Culture

    Mental Health and Mental Illness

    One 5000-level course:

    Students must complete at least one 5000-level course from the list below. 

    Three Electives:

    Electives may be any psychology courses not used to meet a requirement listed above (e.g., additional courses in any or several domains). Students may complete an internship, PSY 3990, as an elective course (strongly recommended).

    • PSY XXXX
    • PSY XXXX
    • PSY XXXX

    Students may also count a maximum of two courses from the following list as electives:

    • NEUR 3980 - Topic: Neurological Diseases, Disorders, and Society


    All psychology courses taken for Domain credit must be taken for A-F grades. Psychology internships are typically taken on a Pass/No Pass basis.

    5000-level courses are available to psychology majors who have attained senior status or have completed 7 courses in psychology including PSY 1330 and 3350; these courses also have other prerequisites. Although registration priority is given to seniors who have not completed the 5000-level course requirement, qualified majors may enroll in more than one seminar on a space-available basis.

    A student should confer with members of the department when planning a program for a career in psychology. The set of courses a student will take depends on his or her background and special interests.

  • Law School Early Admission (3-3) Option

    Students seeking to enter law school may pursue this major through the Law School Early Admission (3-3) Program. If interested, meet with the Psychology Department Chair and a Legal Studies faculty member by the end of your first year at Hamline.

    Visit the Law School Early Admission (3-3) Program for more details.