• Psychology Major (BA)

    Psychology majors may choose an optional interdisciplinary concentration in Behavioral Economics or Forensic Psychology. For details, please see those program listings.

    Psychology Major Requirements

    The major in psychology requires 14 courses as described below.

    Psychology Foundations:

    Statistics (select one):


    3000-level Domain Courses:

    Students must complete one course from each of the four domains below.

    Biological Foundations

    Self and Development

    Individuals, Groups, and Culture

    Mental Health and Mental Illness

    One 5000-level Course:

    Students must complete at least one 5000-level course from the list below. 

    Three Electives:

    • PSY XXXX
    • PSY XXXX
    • PSY XXXX


    All psychology courses taken for Domain credit must be taken for A-F grades. Psychology internships are typically taken on a Pass/No Pass basis.5000-level courses are available to psychology majors who have attained senior status or have completed 7 courses in psychology including PSY 1330 and 3350; these courses also have other prerequisites. Although registration priority is given to seniors who have not completed the 5000-level course requirement, qualified majors may enroll in more than one seminar on a space-available basis.A student should confer with members of the department when planning a program for a career in psychology. The set of courses a student will take depends on his or her background and special interests.

  • Law School Early Admission (3-3) Option

    Students seeking to enter law school may pursue this major through the Law School Early Admission (3-3) Program. If interested, meet with the Psychology Department Chair and a Legal Studies faculty member by the end of your first year at Hamline.

    Visit the Law School Early Admission (3-3) Program for more details.