• Physics Awards & Scholarships

    We offer several awards and scholarships for students studying physics. These range from four first-year student awards that can be renewed to one or two awards given each year to the top performing continuing students. Past award winners have excelled in our classes and labs, performed well above the national average on standardized physics exams, and have completed year-long honors project experiments.

    • Hayes Engineering Award (at least one is given to each class of physics majors)
    • Fulford-Karp Scholarship (full ride, at most one per class)
    • Richard Pontinen Scholarship (at least one is given to each class)
    • Jerry Artz Scholarship (at least one is given to each class)
    • Carl Malmstrom Research Scholarship (one given each year to support a student doing summer collaborative research)
    • Robert Morris Page Scholarship (given to an upper class student who both excels in physics and is a campus leader)
    • Scott Filstrup Scholarship (given to an outstanding junior physics major)
    • Bracewell Scholarship (given to one or two outstanding physics majors of any year)