• Music Theory Self-Test

    Potential music majors or minors should take the theory self-test before registering for classes. Print the test, complete it by hand, then score it using the answer sheet provided. No outside resources should be used to complete the test. The test is designed to help you register for the appropriate classes, and it is effective if you make an honest assessment of your own skills based on your knowledge of this fundamental material.

    Music Theory Self-Test
    Self Scoring Sheet


    • Between 130 and 120 – Register for Theory I. 
    • Between 120 and 110 – Some fundamental concepts need to be strengthened before Theory I. Work independently with any of the following websites to fill the gaps in your knowledge and take the self-test again. 


    Whatever the results of the self-test, all students need to have piano skills prior to Theory I. If you know you need to develop basic piano skills, register for MUS 1210 – Beginning Class Piano Fall term. If you have some piano skills but are not sure if they are sufficient, contact Dr. Thomsen at kthomsen03@hamline.edu.

    Theory I is offered Spring term, allowing students to complete the prerequisites (Elements of Music and/or Beginning Class Piano) Fall term. If you need MUS 1210 and/or MUS 1020 and they are full, contact Dr. Thomsen or Dr. Greene.

    If questions about anything regarding music theory, contact Dr. Greene or Dr. Chu.

    To print these instructions download the Music Theory Self-Test Instruction Sheet.