• Master in the Study of Law

    Think Like a Lawyer

    Law is more than cases, statutes, and regulations. It is a way of thinking and a culture all its own. Hamline University's Master in the Study of Law (MSL) offers you a rigorous, integrated approach to legal education by immersing you in the “culture of law” and enabling you to be a sophisticated consumer of legal advice and information. You gain a nuanced understanding of how your work affects and is affected by the American legal system, while receiving training in practical dispute resolution and problem-solving tools applicable in all work environments.

    Flexible, Online Program

    As a working professional, you juggle many priorities. But that doesn’t mean earning your master’s degree needs to be set aside. With Hamline University’s Online MSL*, you can complete your coursework at any time of day and location convenient for you while maintaining the challenge, academic support, and practical skill development of a master program. While you largely control the schedule, you won't be going it alone. There is a high level of interaction between you and your course instructors, and between you and your program colleagues. You start your degree in August or January, taking two courses in each of six semesters. You can complete the degree in as few as 15 months. *Note most students elect to spread the course load over 18 to 24 months.

    Short-Term Residency

    The Online MSL begins with a one-day orientation session on the Hamline Saint Paul campus. Everything else is online and asynchronous - meaning you choose when to engage with the material and when to interact with your colleagues.

    Greater Opportunities

    The Hamline MSL is for anyone whose work involves law or who routinely receives the advice and counsel of lawyers, including a wide range of non-lawyer professionals such as:

    • Human resources and employee benefits professionals
    • Risk managers
    • School and university administrators
    • Government regulators
    • Business executives
    • Investment advisors/financial planners/accountants/estate planners
    • Health care administrators and compliance officers
    • Journalists
    • Real estate professionals
    • Technology transfer and privacy officers

    Mastery of Conflict Resolution

    Proactive conflict management, creative problem-solving, and state-of-the-art dispute resolution are critical for all organizations and effectively managing conflict is a science that can be learned. The Hamline MSL will prepare you to deliver real value to your employer by giving you a mastery of conflict resolution theory and practical skills, including negotiation and creative problem-solving.

    Learning Partnership Discount

    As an employee of one of our Learning Partners, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on tuition and a waiver of application and processing fees when you are newly enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching/Initial Licensure program.

    To learn more and see if you qualify, see our list of learning partners and eligibility requirements.
    Apply for the discount when applying for admission, please mark the admission application if eligible or interested in the discount.

    Note: Hamline University offers several scholarship and discount opportunities to help with the cost of tuition; scholarships and discounts cannot be combined.


  • Please note

    This program is not approved by the American Bar Association for training paralegals and does not qualify recipients for the practice of law. Find out more about Hamline's Paralegal Certificate or practice law with a Juris Doctor from Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

  • *Hamline University, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), maintains an affiliation and collaborative relationship with Mitchell | Hamline School of Law, an autonomous law school created by the combination of Hamline University School of Law and William Mitchell College of Law and which is separately accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).