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    Spanish Research & Resources

    Collaborative research enables students to work with a professor on creative projects of mutual interest and may lead to NCUR presentations or honors projects.

    • Jill did a cross cultural examination of Beauty and the Beast, which inspired a professional dance group to perform the Indian original at both the Ordway and O’Shaughnessey auditoriums. 
    • Corbin is looking at the societal role of Latin American hip-hop. 
    • Ben did research on the economic success of Latino businesses in the Twin Cities, an impressive work that he feels got him a government job with USAID. 
    • Angela wrote her honors project on Latino gangs, their signs, symbols, and local lore in Minnesota that won her a teaching scholarship. 
    • Heidi surveyed college students in the Dominican Republic while researching her paper on the three martyred Mirabal sisters. 
    • Sara, Rena, Laura, and Casandra translated Latin American science fiction stories that were published by a major academic press. 
    • Rebecca’s study abroad resulted in research on the struggles of gay youth in Nicaragua.
    • Kimberly wrote an excellent study on the Virgin of Guadalupe, la Malinche, and la Dolorosa that inspired the creation of a new course at Hamline. 
    • Other topics have included immigration, Spanish & Latin American authors, history, economics, and religion. 

    Spanish has an impressive record of collaborative research and continues to reach out to students to engage in this worthwhile endeavor.