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    Language Placement Exam

    Students are often unsure what level language class to register for. This language placement exam is a diagnostic tool to help place you in one of the first 4 semesters of college-level language study at Hamline University.

    All first year, transfer, and returning students are required to take the placement exam before registering for their first Hamline German, French, or Spanish language class. (There is currently no placement test for Chinese; incoming students should e-mail Professor Shannon Cannella for Chinese placement advice.)

    *The test takes 10-25 minutes on average.

    *Test results are available on-line within a few minutes of taking the exam.

    *The test results indicate clearly which appropriate level students should register for, including 1st (1110), 2nd (1120), 3rd (3210) and 4th (3220) semester language level. Scores higher than 4th semester should register for an Advanced Composition, Conversation, or Reading course. See Modern Languages Department section of the website for course descriptions.  

    How To Take The Placement Test

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