• German Awards & Honors

    In the last two decades, Hamline's students of German Studies have won one research Fulbright Fellowship in Austria, one teaching Fulbright Fellowship in Austria, four teaching Fulbrights in Germany, and more than twenty research Fulbrights in Germany! 

    Since 1992, at the annual National Conference of Undergraduate Research, the German Studies section of Modern Languages has sponsored more than 50 presentations by faculty-student collaborative researchers. Some of these NCUR projects -- especially when deepened by subsequent research abroad -- have gone on the become Honors Theses in Hamline's Honors Program. All of them matter crucially in the success of Hamline candidates for the Fulbright. 

    Steve Kjar

    Subsequent to winning a Fulbright to Germany in 1998, Hamline alumnus Steve moved from marketing for Mercedes-Benz in Mannheim to a mortgage position with Citi-Corps Bank in Berlin. Citi-Corps then moved him to Brussels where, for nearly a decade, he managed their mortgage division. He now works for Citi-Corps in London. 

    Wendy Suiter

    Wendy parlayed her Fulbright-supported experiences of working with youth at risk in rural Brandenburg into a berth at the university of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute -- from which she graduated with a Ph.D. in public policy in 2003. She won the Phillips Foundation's "junior scholarship" at Hamline. In her senior year, this scholarship allowed her to compete successfully for one of the three Fulbrights to Germany won that year by Hamline students. 


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