• Middle East Studies Minor

    The Middle East Studies (MES) minor provides students with the skills necessary to understand the complex issues of the Middle East, and prepares them for careers in which a deep understanding of the region is essential. The Middle East Studies minor is designed to provide a broad knowledge of the region's culture, history, religion, politics, and society, and is complimented with the introductory study of any of its four major languages (namely, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and Turkish).

    Given its interdisciplinary nature, the minor draws from a variety of departments in the humanities and social sciences, including History, Fine Arts (Art History), Religion, Political Science, Global Studies, Economics and Modern Languages and Literature. The Middle East Studies minor is therefore particularly well suited for students preparing for graduate work or professional careers in the government, business and finance, or with international and non-governmental organizations.


    Minor Requirements

    Minors in Middle East Studies devise their own programs of study in consultation with their advisor. Students can choose as advisor an appropriate CLA faculty affiliated with Middle East Studies.

    A minor in Middle East Studies consists of six courses, which emphasize a cross-section of knowledge in the Middle East. Courses must be taken in at least two departments; only one course at the 1000 level [from any given department] can be counted towards the minor.

    • One (1) course in a major religious tradition (i.e., Christianity, Islam, Judaism)
    • One (1) course on the modern history of the Middle East
    • Two (2) intermediate (3000-level) courses in ME history, society, politics, art, religion or literature (to be approved by student's MES minor advisor)
    • A minimum of one year, or two (2) courses, in one of the modern languages of the region (namely Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, or Turkish).

    These requirements can be fulfilled at Hamline, ACTC or other national or international programs (subject to prior approval by student's MES minor advisor).


    Possible Middle East Studies Courses

    This is not an exhaustive list and new electives are always being introduced. Students should check with the program director for additional offerings.

    • (Topic: Islam in Europe)
    • HIST 1980 - Topic: America in the Middle East
    • HIST 3980 - Topic: The Middle East in the 20th Century
    • MUS 3980/GLOB 3980 - Topic: Music of the Middle East
    • PHIL 1980/3980 - Topic: Islamic Philosophy
    • PSCI 3980 - Topic: Regional and International Security
    • REL 3980 - Topic: Beginning Hebrew