• Critical Thesis Lecture Considerations

    offered by Christine roUsu, your tech helper


    Lectures are 20 minutes in lecture time, and 5 minutes in Q & A at the end. Please do your very best to stick to this time limit. Run through it at least twice. It's helpful to grab a buddy and use them as your timer, giving hand signals at 10 min, 15, etc.


    As you have seen, most presenters have a Power Point or slide show to accompany their lectures. Feel free to do the same, or use music, or video, audience participation, guest readers, Skype or Facetime conversations, etc. You might have also noticed that the tech is often the part that stresses the presenters out the most -- I hope to ease a little bit of that stress for you by going through some stuff up front and giving you this space to ask any questions.

    some TIPS:

    • I'll be there to assist you, or a designated grad assistant or Ruthie might be there if I can't. I'm happy to meet you in the room a day or two before your presentation to do a run-through. I usually set up a time between lunch and the afternoon lectures; see me ahead of time to set up a time. 
    • Mac vs. PC: You may use your Macbook for your presentation, with the correct adapter, however-- as a Mac user myself it hurts to say this -- using the PC that is already set up in each room is the best option. Macs plug into the tech podiums in every room, but there have been issues in the past with stretching, color, pixelation, etc. NOTE: This has all gotten better recently and Mac presentations mostly always work fine. Just TEST AHEAD OF TIME.
    • If you want to use your Mac anyway, you should BRING YOUR OWN ADAPTER. We do have some adapters from the Hamline IT dept, but having the right size is not a sure thing, especially for the oldest or the newest models.
    • Feel free to try alternate presentation programs, such as Prezi or Google Slides. Google Slides have become increasingly popular as it's a universal system that works well between Macs and PCs -- definitely consider using Google Slides.
    • Thoroughly test your presentation, especially if you have music or video files. Test it on a computer other than the one you made it on, preferably the one in the room.
    • Video files are especially tricky and have been problematic in the past if they are not imported into the power point fully. Do not just link to a file that is also on your flash drive. Import the file into your presentation and then test it fully. If you don't know what any of this means, using a video in your Power Point might not be the best idea.
    • Even though I (or a grad assistant) will be there to assist, please note that I am not a Power Point expert. You need to have your presentation in working order. I'm happy to help with the tech specs in the room itself, volume, etc, but the presentation itself is up to you. If someone else has put together the Power Point for you, please make sure that you are able to run it, and troubleshoot it, before you arrive.
    • If you are using a document camera/visualizer (the 21st century version of the overhead), please be careful not to set your papers or hands or water bottle on the buttons that shift the focus/orientation. It can take a while to get the set up straightened back up to normal and can be distracting to you and the audience. Also, do not forget the document camera/visualizer! It's a great tool if your presentation is not too tech- heavy and you just want to show a couple of documents or images.
    • If you are getting creative and Skype-ing someone in, or something that requires more technical attention, please let me know at least a week ahead of time. Also, if you need something special for the room set up (a table to sit at up front, extra microphones, etc), you must let us know ahead of time.


    Your lecture will be videotaped and, barring any major technical difficulties, converted to a digital file that will be sent to you shortly after the residency.

    If you absolutely do not want your lecture videotaped, just let me know ahead of time. We are creating a lecture archive, video and digital files, and ask that all students participate, but it is not a requirement. 

    Thank you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions: crousu@hamline.edu