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    MFAC Registration

    Registration for the July 2018 Residency & Fall 2018 Term semester is open now.

    All MFAC registration is done via Piperline, Hamline's secure online records system.

    NOTE: The easiest way to register for the Residency and Semester terms is to know the correct Course Reference Number (CRN) ahead of time and enter the numbers directly (as opposed to searching the entire course listing for the correct section). Follow steps 1 & 2 as described below for easy registration.

    2 Steps:

    1. Write down the the correct CRN for 1) the residency and, 2) the number semester you are going into after the residency. For example, if this will be your third semester, you want "Level 3."

    2. Enter the correct CRNs into the corresponding term option in Piperline. Do this once for Summer Term (residency) and then again for Fall Term (semester work). Because the residency and the semester work are in different terms, it is essential that you register for each as separate occurrences. 

    JULY TERM 2018 (summer Residency)

    Groundings in the Craft: Character (WRIT 8352)  --  course reference number: 50249


    Semester 1)  Creative & Critical Writing, Level 1:  WRIT 8351 - CRN 16817
    Semester 2)  Creative & Critical Writing, Level 2:  WRIT 8353 - CRN 16818
    Semester 3)  Creative & Critical Writing, Level 3:  WRIT 8355 - CRN 16819
    Semester 4)  Creative & Critical Writing, Level 4:  WRIT 8357 - CRN 16820

    When you are done with both registrations, verify by selecting 'Student Detail Schedule.'

    Note about Financial Aid: Registration is an essential part of the Financial Aid process. Students must be registered in a timely manner in order for Financial Aid to move forward.

    Questions about Financial Aid or Student Accounts?
    Contact Student Administrative Services at 651-523-3000 or send an email to SAS.  

    Questions regarding MFAC registration can also be directed to 651-523-2047 or email The CWP office.