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    MFAC Required Reading 

    The intent in creating a required book list is to ensure that students in the MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults learn how to read as writers, and that they complete the program with a working knowledge of the field of children’s and young adult literature. In addition, this cadre of books will give us all a common language with which to discuss issues of writing and craft.

    Students will be asked to read and annotate 40 books per semester. Students are given a list of 20 books at the end of each residency to be read over the course of the following semester. These books will be geared toward one of the five elements of plot the next residency will focus on. The remaining 20 required books will be assigned by each student’s faculty advisor. These 20 titles will include craft and critical works. Advisors can choose any books they’d like according to the needs of each student, and may solicit student input on these selections. Faculty may assign all 20 at the beginning of the semester, or 5 per packet, or any way they wish. Students are to keep a list of their annotations to be handed in before graduation.

    Students should write a brief, annotated bibliography for each book they read.  This should include the title and 3-5 sentences that address one or two select issues of craft they found most useful for their own writing or for their appreciation of the book.  They should read critically, mining the texts for what they can learn about the craft of writing.  Students include their annotated bibliographies in monthly packets sent to their advisor. 

    Recommended Reading



    Contact CWP with questions on any of these readings lists. Send CWP an email or call 651-523-2047.