• MFA Thesis Packet: Poetry Option

    Thesis Requirements & Timeline (Poetry & Prose)

    In the steps below, you will find an overview of the path the thesis, with general timeframes, deadlines, and links to all printable forms. Please read all 16 steps carefully. 

    Download the Thesis Packet (eight pages) for further details and full instructions about each step listed below. The packet also includes an overview of thesis expectations, Frequently Asked Questions, and all required forms.


    Step 1: Submit Intent to Register

    Deadline: November 1 of the year before you begin Thesis 1.

    Step 2: Receive Assignment of Primary Thesis Advisor and Outside Reader

    General timeframe: end of fall semester after submitting intent to register form.

    Step 3: Form Thesis Study Groups (Optional, but encouraged)

    General Timeframe: Spring semester before entering thesis.

    Step 4: Write Prospectus and Have Prospectus Meeting

    Deadline: Differs by advisor; all advisors will email their timeline and expectations for prospectus meetings in the spring.

    Step 5: Register for Thesis 1

    Deadline: Immediately after prospectus meeting (ideal); absolute final deadline is one week after the first day of the fall semester. See graduate academic calendar for this date each year.

    Step 6: Submit Intent to Graduate Form and Degree Evaluation

    Deadline: November 1

    Step 7: Turn in a Complete Draft to Your Primary Thesis Advisor

    Deadline: November 1

    Step 8: Feedback Meeting

    Deadline: This meeting should take place before winter break.

    Step 9: Register for Thesis 2

    Deadline: First day of the spring semester.

    Step 10: Schedule a Capstone Conference and Submit a Capstone Conference Notification Form

    Deadline: As soon as possible after registering for Thesis 2.

    Step 11: Turn in Final Draft to Primary Thesis Advisor and Outside Reader

    Deadline: Hard copy of Thesis 2 draft must be delivered to your primary thesis advisor by March 1.

    Step 12: The Artist Statement

    Deadline: At least one week prior to your Capstone Conference.

    Step 13: The Capstone Conference

    Deadline: Prior to May 5

    Step 14: Final Formatted Copies

    Deadline: Two weeks after your Capstone Conference.

    Step 15: The CWP Graduate Revels

    General timeframe: May

    Step 16: Graduation

    General timeframe: May

    Once all steps have been successfully completed, the student is ready to graduate! 

    Information on graduation will be sent to students closer to the date, including information about The CWP Graduate Revels, Commencement, gown ordering, etc. 

    Hamline University holds one commencement ceremony each year in May. Students who complete their degrees in summer or fall will have their transcripts updated and a diploma ordered after their capstone conferences. Summer and fall grads are welcome to participate in the May graduation ceremony and will be listed in the commencement program.

    Contact The CWP office with questions.