• Student Profiles

    Anna Sochocky Marketer, Technical Writer, Memoirist
    "I can honestly say that MALS changed my life both personally and professionally. It not only gave me a fresh perspective, but a second chance to grow. Specifically, it drew me to memoir and history, culminating in a book-length manuscript that guides the reader through the history of the 20th century seen through the eyes of one family—while examining the role the twin afflictions of war and immigration have played in my own life."

    Jeremy Frandrup Actor, Painter, Writer, Teacher, Swimming Instructor
    "I discovered fellow classmates and instructors who were just as curious as I was—if not more so in some cases. Not that we were a collection of intellectual misfits that stumbled upon one another once a week. Actually, the three hours a week that we gathered could be described as sort of intellectual zeitgeist. People from all walks of life ruminated on important topics, dispensed much-sought-after advice and discussed well-chosen texts, both old and new. I was mentally and physically stimulated (and exhausted) week after week—and to think I did this for three years!"

    Connie Lanphear Community Activist, Environmentalist, Artist, Mother
    "I meandered my way through the first several semesters, taking whatever appealed to me. At my mid-program evaluation, it became clear that arts and literature were my love. (I’d known that since I was five, but I’d never allowed myself to indulge it as an adult.) I started to write more, read fiction for the first time in years, and take courses that allowed me—and challenged me—to read, write, photograph, ponder, discuss, and struggle with new ideas and new ways of looking at old ideas. The MALS professors were incredible. The students were varied and interesting. I was humbled by the intelligence and creativity in my fellow students and professors, but I learned that what I had to offer was also valuable, even occasionally brilliant!"

    Didi Koka Physician, Writer, Healer, Searcher

"I was restless. I wanted to know more—what had been said before, created before—so I could create. Searching for life’s higher workings or truths has always been something that directed me. Even while pursuing my training and education for my current profession of family physician, I was motivated by wanting to promote my worth and the worth of others. I believed in probing for life’s higher good. So when tragedy struck my family around the millennium, my natural response was to look again for the truths and the questions behind it all. Hamline’s MALS program seemed so attractive with its balance of writing, creating, and learning of and from other creators."

    Dick Slade Banker, Former College President, Philanthropist, Author
    "I had always enjoyed writing for my own amusement and for some professional opportunities. Every class in the MALS program required a  certain amount of writing, which I enjoyed. I had never, however, thought of  myself as a "writer" until some of the MALS faculty (not the writers) suggested that I might enjoy and benefit from a little more concentration on the skills of writing. So I wrote a thesis on iron mining, the North Shore of Lake Superior and company towns that somehow held together and allowed me to graduate—and it was a lot of fun."

    Ivan Konev Muscovite, Concert Pianist, World Traveler
    "As a non-U.S. resident and a musician, I had a many areas in which to learn, as well as to contribute. Studying in the MALS program not only helped me gain specific knowledge in certain fields that I would never had a chance to possess on the academic level (such as a memorable course of Irish literature with Larry Sutin), but it helped me in the more general areas of cultural adaptation and cultural tolerance. 

We need to pay more attention to the diversity in the world -- different points of view and value systems. Humanities is a weapon for good. And especially in this century, the last thing we need is to be limited in our interests, our point of view, or our perspective."