MALS: Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

    The world is saturated with data, information, and media. But idea entrepreneurs—talented people who can cut through the chaos, synthesize information, craft original ideas, and communicate effectively—are an increasingly rare and valuable breed.

    The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program (MALS) at Hamline (created in 1980) is an innovative concept in graduate education designed to offer the serious student opportunities to range freely among academic, spiritual, artistic, and professional issues and ideas. 

    When you enter the MALS program, you learn how to see the world through the lenses of multiple disciplines, then transform that knowledge into unique expressions of your own ideas and worldview. Students learn basic concepts in a range of disciplines such as literature, art, philosophy, history, psychology, sociology, and science and how to relate these concepts to the broader world.

    Announcement About the MALS Program

    Hamline University has made the difficult decision to phase out the MALS program in its current form. All current students will be able to complete their programs of study. However, after November 18, the MALS degree will no longer be an option for new students.

    MALS and CWP staff are completing an audit of all MALS students to assess where they are in the process of completing their degrees and what course offerings are necessary to ensure that they finish their programs in a satisfactory manner. Since many MALS courses are taken by MFA students as electives, there will continue to be a rich array of courses offered. While the MALS degree in its current form will no longer be offered once current MALS students graduate, the degree itself retains the quality and high regard it has earned and always received, including full membership in the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies.

    If you have questions about these changes, please contact Mary Rockcastle at 651-523-2901 or mrockcastle@hamline.edu.

    More information about the changes in the MALS program >  

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