• Paralegal Internships

    All Legal Studies majors and students in Hamline University’s Paralegal Certificate program must enroll in LGST 5900 (Legal Studies Practicum) and complete a 150-hour paralegal internship in an approved law firm or legal environment of their choice.

    The goal of the paralegal internship is to provide students with the opportunity to apply the concepts and principles they have learned in a practical professional work environment under the supervision of a lawyer. Students complete an internship in which they perform the duties of a paralegal and attend weekly seminars.

    The objectives of the course include being able to:

    • Understand the importance of writing and speaking skills in seeking professional legal employment.
    • Read, understand and apply the rules of professional responsibility applicable to licensed attorneys and others in professional legal environments.
    • Apply academic legal studies concepts and Hamline Plan speaking and writing skills in a professional workplace environment.
    • Understand and apply technology in a professional legal environment.
    • Evaluate legal issues in diverse cultural contexts.

    The prerequisites for enrolling in the internship include the completion of LGST 1110 (Legal Systems in American Society) or equivalent; 1250 (Legal Research and Writing); 3520 (Civil Litigation and Trial Practice) and at least 4 additional credits of Legal Studies coursework. Students are generally recommended to complete their internship near the conclusion of their academic studies.

    To enhance the prospect of timely commencement and completion of internships, students should begin their search for an internship placement well in advance of the semester in which they expect to enroll the LGST 5900 class (which students are expected to secure prior to the commencement of such semester).

    The following resources may be very helpful to students as they begin their search for their paralegal internships.     

    The following resources may be helpful to site supervisors:  

    Letter to Internship Site Supervisors

    Internship Agreement and Evaluation Forms

    If you would like further information regarding the Paralegal Internship Program at Hamline University, please email Leondra Hanson, Chair, Legal Studies Program, at lhanson18@hamline.edu or contact other faculty members who are scheduled to teach the LGST 5900 class in the forthcoming semester.