• Mock-Trial-2019

    High School Mock Trial Camp

    Rock your inner mock at Hamline’s week-long, overnight Mock Trial Camp!

    4th Annual High School Mock Trial Camp

    Hamline's fourth annual High School Mock Trial Camp was held in June of 2019.

    Two Camper Tracks

    The mock trial camp will feature two camper learning tracks:

    • Advanced mocker (two or more years mock trial experience)
    • Beginning mocker (less than two years mock trial experience)

    Mock trial teams will be composed of campers of all experience levels, so advanced mockers can hone their leadership skills and beginning mockers can improve their trial skills.

    At Mock Trial Camp, You Will:

    • Join a team led by college mock trial students.
    • Learn from local attorneys, judges, and other legal experts about many aspects of a mock trial.
    • Perform two trials, one on each side of the case.
    • Develop teamwork, critical thinking, and oral presentation skills that will help you in many contexts.
    • Have a ton of fun!

    Camp Details

    Check back in the late fall for 2020 camp details.

    More on New Camper Tracks

    Each morning campers will attend learning sessions based on their mock trial experience. Despite having separate learning tracks for campers, teams will still be composed of members of all ability levels. Thus, in the afternoon, students will take what they have learned in the morning and work with their team. Not only does this coincide with the Hamline Mock Trial mission, it also allows the more advanced students to develop leadership skills within their team as well as provide an experience for beginners to learn from those around them.

    Beginner Mocker (less than two years of mock trial experience):

    • Learn the basics of opening statements, direct and cross examinations, closing arguments, and the rules of evidence.
    • Focus on a basic structure and rules and gain an understanding of how mock trial works.
    • Examine performances and how presentation affects the trial.

    Advanced Mocker (two or more years of mock trial experience):

    • Refine your knowledge and skill in the different aspects of a mock trial round by practicing with more improvisation exercises and in-depth engagement in the material.
    • Utilize more advanced tactics without spending time covering what each part of a mock trial entails.
    • Focus in depth on the performance aspect of a round.
    • Review and analyze a variety of performances both live and via video to understand how to improve and constructively critique.