• High School Tournament

    2nd Annual St. Paul Trials

    For the second year, Hamline University Mock Trial is hosting the St. Paul Trials, a tournament formerly hosted by Macalester College. This will be a one-day tournament on Saturday, January 4, 2020, at Hamline University.

    The purpose of this tournament is to prepare your teams for your regional competition that follows later in January. While it will be fun tournament and a great learning experience, our goal is to create regional-like scenarios.

    Send an email to aelfarra01@hamline.edu. We will allow up to 30 teams, and registration is on a first come, first served basis. The cost is $80 per team.

    7:30 a.m.: registration
    8 a.m.: judges/coaches meeting
    8:30 a.m.: Round 1 Trial
    12 p.m.: Round 2 Trial
    2:45 p.m.: Round 3 Trial
    5:30 p.m.: awards ceremony

    Round 1: random pairing and side assignments
    Round 2: pairings based on a record and point differential/teams will switch sides
    Round 3: Championship Round (top four teams will compete, but the remainder of teams will have the option to compete in a third round if they choose to do so, and they will be paired in the same fashion as Round 2).

    Teams will be ranked by:
    1. Win-loss record
    2. Cumulative point differential
    3. Cumulative points earned
    4. Round 3 point differential
    5. Coin flip

    Teams are required to provide the following number of judges available for each round:
    1–2 teams: one judge per round
    3–4 teams: two judges per round
    5+ teams: three judges per round


    Coming soon!