• Mock Trial

    Mock Trial

    What is Mock Trial?

    Like its law school and high school counterparts, undergraduate mock trial is a simulated trial court experience in which students learn about the American Legal System. Students prepare and try a case playing both the attorney and witness roles. As such, the purpose of mock trial is primarily educational.
    Mock Trial provides an opportunity to explore the work of courtroom attorneys as a career, but can also be extremely beneficial for individuals who aren’t interested in a career in litigation. Our main goal is to instill our students with the highest ideals of the legal system while teaching forensic and interpersonal skills. Individuals will also build teamwork skills, analytical thinking and confidence in presenting information to others, skills that are transferable to any career.


    Our program prides itself on hard work, teamwork and inclusivity. As such, it’s structured to not only be competitive, but inclusive to all skill levels as well. We primarily use our fall season to gain experience while allowing individual skills to grow. More specifically, in the fall our teams are balanced between beginners and those with more experience in order to allow inner-team learning and teaching between the students with assistance from coaches. Teams do not remain the same throughout the entire fall season, and will be based mostly on availability.
    January marks the beginning of the more competitive aspect of our season where the teams are stacked based on skill level and work ethic. However, anyone who wishes to compete in January will be allowed to do so.