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     CIJ newsletter spring 2016 

    CIJ newsletter spring 2015 

    CIJ newsletter spring 2014

    CIJ newsletter spring 2013

    CIJ newsletter spring 2010

    • Paulina Yanez, Nancy Huynh and Mary Stuck report from Mexico City 
    • Julia Harrer and her mission to acquire the fifth foreign language 
    • Alumna Maura Youngman interns at Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting in Washington, D.C. 
    • Hannah Rael experiences Chilean culture in Valparaiso 
    • CIJ juniors: Allison Osberg, Candice Grimm, Georgia Patrascu and Nancy Huynh are set to go abroad

    CIJ newsletter fall 2009 

    • Young Shin Park interns at MBC in Seoul, South Korea 
    • Allison Olsberg interns at The CW Twin Cities TV 
    • Fulbright professor Kenneth Starck's lecture on Arab media 
    • Trier lecturer Philipp Niemann teaches podcasting at Hamline 
    • CIJ new faculty members: Mary Stucky and Ann Alquist

    CIJ newsletter spring 2009

    • Lindsay Messenger in Shanghai, China 
    • Hannah Kuether and her study abroad semester in Chile 
    • Melissa Hruza in St. Louis, Senegal 
    • World Press Institute Forum hosted by the CIJ 
    • Trier Professor Christof Barth at GOP National Convention 
    • Sean Bailey wins two journalism awards 

    CIJ newsletter spring/summer 2008

    • Linda Sjostrom and her internship in Northern Ireland 
    • Meike Stein visits Hamline 
    • An update from Elise Esteves Laranjo in Paris 
    • CIJ’s panel discussion on new media and presidential elections

    CIJ newsletter fall 2007

    • Hamline faculty celebrates Trier's milestone 
    • Maura Youngman and Melissa Hruza travel to San Francisco 
    • Interview with CIJ alumnus, Graham Lampa 
    • Trier students, David Schommer and Manuela Ohs, become U.S. interns 

    CIJ newsletter spring 2007

    • CIJ organizes panel on Diversity in the Newsroom 
    • Stories from a London newsroom by Blair Coursey 
    • CIJ students dine and discuss media with global journalists from the World Press Institute 
    • University of Trier Professor Hans Juergen Bucher visits Hamline 
    • Professor David Hudson returns from teaching in China 
    • Photos from CIJ's fall 06 cookout 
    • Meet with CIJ students and their plan for internship abroad