• History Major (BA)

    Major Program

    The major is organized into introductory survey courses, a methodology course, topical upper-level courses, and a capstone experience, taken in sequence. History majors may also select other programs, certificates, minors, and/or second majors that reflect their personal and career interests.


    Major Requirements

    A major in history consists of a minimum of nine courses: 

    Three 1000-level Courses

     Choose three 1000-level courses from the following:

    Methodology Course

    Topical Seminars

    Choose four history courses at the 3000-level from the following:


    Outstanding students may choose to write a Departmental Honors Project rather than taking the Senior Seminar. These students apply to work with a faculty adviser (in the spring of the junior year), write a significant research paper based on primary source materials, and present it to the department for consideration. Note: students are given an Independent Study (HIST 5970) only when a Departmental Honors Project is converted mid-year.

    Choose one course from the following:

    • HIST 5010 - Departmental Honors Project
  • Law School Early Admission (3-3) Option

    Students seeking to enter law school may pursue this major through the Law School Early Admission (3-3) Program. If interested, meet with the History Department Chair and a Legal Studies faculty member by the end of your first year at Hamline.

    Visit the Law School Early Admission (3-3) Program for more details.