• History Awards & Honors

    Students are encouraged to consider pursuing a Departmental Honors Project, a major paper based on primary source materials and defended before a committee. Visit the Departmental Honors website for more information.

    Previous History Honors Research Projects

    2018-2019 Departmental Honors Theses: 
    Parker Bertel, “The Battle Over the Canal: The Dispute Between Sister Cities that Shaped the Future of the Twin Ports”
    Gavin Jensen, “The Slaughterhouse Cases: ‘Unforeseen’ Consequences and Public Reaction”
    Duncan Riley, “Ciudadanos: Constructing the nation at the margin of the state in Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico, 1846-1870”
    Andy Stec, "“It’s in the Blood”: American Working-Class Identity and Memory within Transformations of Capitalism"

    2017-2018 Departmental Honors Theses: 
    Erin E. Kinney, “The Controversial Passage of Proposition 227”
    Gillian Paulie-Rose Molland, “A Secret History: The Italian American Response to Assimilation, Discrimination, and Internment from 1940-1943”
    Martin Wesley Peper, “Franz Boas and the Columbian Field Museum”
    Elizabeth Nicole Richter, “The Radium Dial Painters: Workers' Rights, Scientific Testing, and the Fight for Humane Treatment”
    Alexander A. Schmidt, “The Washburn-Crosby Company: Cadwallader Washburn’s Vision for Minneapolis Flour Milling”

    2017 Departmental Honors Research Projects: 
    Joseph M. Grundhoefer: The Katyn Massacre: Cover-up, Suppression, and the Politics of War from an American Perspective

    2016 Departmental Honors Research Projects:
    Nathaniel Schumer: Verbatim: Henry Kissinger, the Yom Kippur War, and the Legacy of the United States in the Modern Middle East
    Laura Ledray: Spanish Persecution of the 15th-17th Centuries: A Study of Discrimination Against Witches at the Local and State Levels

    2015 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Daniel L. Gerdes: An Elusive Arab-Israeli Peace: Camp David, Egyptian Newspapers, and the Habermasian Public Sphere
    Kacie J. Phillips: "Waste Not, Want Not": Farmers' Reactions to the New Deal in Minnesota
    Taylor M. Yetter: The Lady on Angel Hill: Mary Jane Folsom and Movement in the Nineteenth-Century St. Croix River Valley

    2013 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Joseph L. Sathe: The Best Laid Plans of Old Hamline: The Development of the Hamline University Campus Post World War II
    Savannah J. Dotson: French Opera and the French Revolution: Etienne Nicolas Mehul
    Shannon M. Lundquist: Finding the Witch's Mark: Female Participation in the Judicial System During the Hopkins Trials 1645-47

    2012 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Peter W. Koziol: Constructing the Home Owner: American Masculinity and the Promotions of the 1921 Own Your Home Exposition in Chicago
    Ryan M. Tate: A House Divided: Women's Activism in the Minnesota Labor Movement

    2011 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Conor Anderson: Revisiting the Hormel Strike of 1985-86: A Community Narrative of Disruption and Change  
    Mitchell Knajdek: History of Fraternities and Sororities at Hamline: 1880-2000

    2010 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Christopher Matter: The Waldheim Affair Reconsidered: An Examination of National Memory in Postwar Austria
    Rachel Glissman: The Reconstruction Era in High School History Textbooks, 1971-2005  

    2009 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Margaret Nancarrow: A’isha and Fatima: Matriarchs and Sectarian Identity in Medieval Islamic Literature
    Michael Schultz: Robots, Pilots, and the Endless Waltz of Battle: Examining Japanese Postwar Historical Consciousness through the Mecha Anime Genre

    2008 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Sheila Kandels: The Foreigners’ Perspective of the Chinese Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976
    Alicia Newman: Caught Between Two Cultures: Hmong Women Dealing with the Differentiation and Vast Expectations of Gender Roles Between the Hmong and American Cultures

    2007 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    John Tatge: A Study in the Shift from Classical Hollywood to New Hollywood Cinema

    2006 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Lisa Johnson: The New York Times' Crusade Against the Nineteenth Amendment
    Victoria Taylor: The Saint Paul Winter Carnival: Historical Reflections of Identity and Place in the City

    2005 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Emilyn Anderson: Gender, Class, and Power: A Study of Selected Elite Fascist Women in Interwar Britain
    Brooke Erickson: "Of Queens' Gardens": Victoria of Britain and Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary
    Leslie Schumacher: The Sublime Web: British Extra-Territorial Imperialism and the Ottoman Empire During the Eastern Crisis of 1875-1878
    Brianna Smith: Anti-Communism and Propaganda in West Germany

    2004 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Thomas McLafferty:  Media Coverage of the 1997 UPS Strike: A Comparative Analysis of the New York Times and Left Wing Articles' Portrayal of the Working Class
    Natalie C. Vestin:  Effects of Migration on Tuberculosis Incidence and Prevention among Somali Refuges to Minnesota, 1990-2003

    2003 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Andrea Derby: Minnesota Reporting Laws in the 1970's
    Brian Niemczyk: The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the World Trade Center Attacks: Parallel Case Studies in International Diplomacy

    2002 Departmental Honors Student Research Projects
    Scott Chutka: Into the Bright Sunshine of Human Rights: Paper and Video Documentary of Hubert H. Humphrey's Mayoral Years
    Ben Herman: Exploring Abraham Lincoln's Mind: An In-depth Analysis of Influences Related to His Decision to Commute the Sentences of 264 Sioux Warriors during the Sioux Uprising of 1862
    Nicole Kreklau: Ripple Across the Waves: The Sensation of the Crippen Murder

    2001 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Luke Kuhl: Pioneering Education: Methodist Secondary Education in Frontier Minnesota 1850-1880
    Brett Nichols: Development and Deforestation, Brazil. Can the Atlantic Coast Rainforest Be Saved?
    Sian Ward: The Definition of a Gentleman: 1800-1870

    2000 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Nathaniel Bailly: Saint Paul's Landmark Center: Building Preservation and Community Revitalization
    Debra Johnson: Britain and the European Union: A Member or a Partner?
    Christopher Miller: Greil Marcus: A Study in Cultural Theory