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    ACTC History Speakers

    Spring 2011: Gregory Bruess (University of Northern Iowa) on "Martyrdom, Pilgrimage, and Commemoration in Modern Greece."

    Spring 2010: Eric Weitz (University of Minnesota) on "The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust: Connections and Comparisons."

    Spring 2009: Professor Chris Waters (Williams College) on “Thinking About the Self: Cyril Scott, Lord Alfred Douglas, and the Perils of Excessive Introspection in Interwar Britain.”

    Spring 2006: Professor Jeffrey Cox (University of Iowa) on “Empire and Christianity in British India.”

    Spring 2005: Professor Mark S. Micale (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) on “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and the Culture of Psychiatric Diagnosis in Our Time.”

    Spring 2004: Professor Lynn Hunt (University of California at Los Angeles) on “Tracing the Origins of Human Rights.”