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    Hamline University Mission, Values, and Vision

    Hamline University’s mission statement, values, and vision are not something that exist in words alone.

    You can find them in the values that guide our education, in the way our community comes together, and in our professors, leaders, staff, alumni, and students’ hearts.

    They are not static. Rather, they are continually active, guiding us in what we do, whether it is creating new programs, erecting new buildings, or charting a course into our next 150 years. 


    To create a diverse and collaborative community of learners dedicated to the development of students' knowledge, values and skills for successful lives of leadership, scholarship, and service. 


    Hamline University recognizes its roots in the traditions and values of the United Methodist Church, and aspires to the highest standards for:

    • Creation, dissemination, and practical application of knowledge
    • Rigor, creativity, and innovation in teaching, learning, and research 
    • Multicultural competencies in local and global contexts 
    • The development and education of the whole person 
    • An individual and community ethic of social justice, civic responsibility, and inclusive leadership and service


    Hamline University will be recognized as a diverse, learning-centered university that is:

    • Rooted in a tradition of liberal education 
    • Dynamic and actively inclusive 
    • Locally engaged and globally connected 
    • Invested in the personal and professional growth of persons

    Historical Firsts

    1854 First university in Minnesota and one of the first coeducational colleges in the United States

    1856-57 Offered Minnesota's first legal curriculum

    1859 Conferred Minnesota’s first bachelor's degree - to a woman

    1863 Conferred Minnesota’s first master's degree - to a woman

    1895 Hosted the world's first intercollegiate basketball game and introduced five-man (as opposed to nine-man) basketball

    1924 Established America's first exchange program with Peking (Beijing) University

    1980’s Implemented America’s first computer literacy requirement for undergraduates

    1994 Offered Minnesota's first advanced writing degree

    1995 Offered the Midwest's first doctorate of public administration