• For Prospective Students

    The Hamline Initiative for Professional and Academic Liaisons (HIPAL) is a four year professional development program for students seeking BS/BA degrees in the natural sciences, designed to help them be “first day career ready” for professional school and careers. Majors in the natural sciences include biology, biochemistry, chemistry, exercise science, mathematics, physics, computational sciences, and public health sciences. To join the program, students must complete an application and secure a recommendation from a Hamline faculty member. 

    The characteristics of a strong HIPAL candidate include:

    • Candidate is a first-year* student at Hamline and is planning to major in the natural sciences. 
    • Student shows commitment and dedication as proven by participation in other co-curricular activities. HIPAL is a 4-year program. Students do not receive formal credit, and for that reason there is no cost to the student to be a part of the program. Instead, students gain valuable skills and experiences to help them reach their professional goals. In exchange, students are asked to make a 4-year commitment to the program, attending all seminars and workshops.
    • Student exhibits a strong work ethic. We want students that are self-starters and driven individuals. We are looking for students that are not afraid of hard work and independent learning.
    • Student exhibits passion and enthusiasm for their work and academic life. 
    • Student is strong academically and exhibits strong technical skills and intellectual curiosity. The minimum GPA requirement for the program is 3.0.

    *Each HIPAL cohort has 24 students. Students in their sophomore, junior, or senior year can apply to join the cohort in their respective year if there is availability. Please see the Application Form page for information on the number of available positions in each cohort. All Hamline students are welcome to attend the fall and spring keynote lectures that are sponsored by HIPAL. Keynote lecture details can be found on the HIPAL Events page.