• Applying to HIPAL

    Student Application

    Interested students can apply by completing the online application via the link below. A PDF of the application questions has been provided for applicant information only. Paper applications will not be accepted. 

    For the first-year cohort: Applications will be due mid-March 2020. Watch for additional information in early March.
    For the sophomore cohortLimited availability, interested students should apply BY FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 2020. A Faculty recommendation is also due BY FRIDAY, JANUARY 17.
    For the junior and senior cohorts: Limited availability, interested students should contact the Interim Director at hipal@hamline.edu.

    If you have questions about the HIPAL program or the application process, please email Karla Williams, Interim Director of HIPAL, at hipal@hamline.edu.

     Application Form

    PDF of Questions on Application Form

    Faculty Recommendation

    Students who are applying to the HIPAL program must ask one Hamline faculty member to serve as a reference. We will begin accepting faculty recommendations in January 2020. Students should contact faculty well in advance, providing the link below, so they have sufficient time to complete the recommendation by the due date. 

    Faculty Recommendation Form