• Global Studies Research

    Independent research plays a central role in the Global Studies major at Hamline; all majors are required to carry out a research project of their own while they are studying off campus. 

    Students begin defining and planning their research projects in the context of the Interdisciplinary Research Methods course in the Spring of the Sophomore year. This course offers an introduction to interdisciplinary research methods. 

    After carrying out their research off campus, students return to campus to write up the findings of their research in the Senior Research Seminar. Some Global Studies majors opt to write honors theses, a yearlong process which leads to a defense in the Spring before graduation. Elective courses in Global Studies involve students in research on global commodities, diasporic communities, and disease in a global perspective. Other opportunities for research are provided by the collaborative research program, in which students work with a professor on a topic of mutual interest over the summer.