• Global Studies Major (BA)

    Major Program

    A student graduating with a global studies major will be able to:

    1. Analyze transnational/transcultural issues using field specific concepts
    2. Apply methodological approaches from more than a single discipline
    3. Formulate a global studies research question
    4. Work in a language other than his/her first language
    5. Communicate in depth knowledge of a region of the world or cultural group.
    6. Use technology as a resource for research and communication.

    Majors can specialize in the following thematic tracks:

    • Global Governance
    • Global Economy and Development
    • Global Environmental Sustainability
    • Global Justice
    • Global Cultural Flows

    This can be done through their choice of Upper-Level Electives. Majors must work with their Global Studies advisor to determine which courses fall under each thematic track.

    To link the global to the local, majors will pursue thematic tracks in conjunction with a regional concentration in one of the following geographic areas:

    • Africana
    • East Asia
    • Europe
    • Latin America
    • Middle East


    Major Requirements and Expectations


    Equivalence of at least four semesters of a language other than the student's first language (with a certificate of proficiency where offered, highly recommended).

    Foundational Courses

    • (ideally taken in the first year)

    Regional/Cultural Concentration

    • Three courses focused on a specific global region or culture.

    Disciplinary Breadth/Depth

    Students will be held accountable for Hamline Plan designations earned and brought into upper-level interdisciplinary courses; students are strongly encouraged to pursue at least a minor in a discipline (and a disciplinary major if they are considering graduate work).

    Off-Campus Study

    An off-campus study experience is required. This could be fulfilled through local internships or international study away.

    Upper-Level Elective Courses

    • Three interdisciplinary, thematic, transnational courses from a designated list of GLOB area of study offerings. These are normally taken in junior and senior years.

    Capstone Seminar

    One of the following--normally taken senior year:

    Summary of Course Requirements for the Major

    • Language (0-4 courses)--requirement can be met in whole or part at matriculation; can be met in part through off-campus study.
    • Foundational courses (2 courses)
    • Regional/Cultural Concentration (3 courses)--requirement can be met in part through off-campus study
    • Off-Campus Study (domestic or international)
    • Upper-Level Electives (3 courses)
    • Capstone Seminar/Project (1 course)