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    Global & Area Studies Awards & Honors

    Global & Area Studies majors have won recognition for both scholarship and service. Several graduates have received Fulbright or other study/travel awards to carry on research projects after they have graduated. Global & Area Studies major Julie Blaskowski ’06 was named Americorps Member of the Year and even had a day named in her honor. A number of Global & Area Studies majors have also received honors in the major, as well as other awards for leadership and service to the university community.

    Departmental Honors Student Research


    Georgia Patrascu, Social Cohesion in a Panicked World: A Critical Analysis of State Responses to Terrorism in the United States and Spain

    Jozie Nummi, The Influence of Turkish Immigration on German Nationalism and Multiculturalism

    Bryce Rosenbower, "This is a Backward Village:" The Construction of Knowledge Categories in Bhutanese Community Forestry


    Dana Hoffman, Women's Access to Basic Health Care in St. Louis, Senegal

    Hannah Rael, Global Homogenization of Beauty Standards: A Case Study of Chilean Public Advertising Images


    Kayla Kaiser, Sustainability in Thailand: Growing Alternatives to Corporate Agribusiness

    Stephanie Tofte, Educational Pluralism and Social Reproduction in Senegal


    Megan Louise Keller, Chinese Guitarists’ Translation of Western Music

    Andrea A. Richter, Generation Europe: A Comparison of European Union and Council of Europe Youth Sector Print Media and its Role in Identity-Shaping


    Rachel Buhr, Worldly Weddings: The Influence of International Media on Fashion and Music in Swahili Weddings

    Kestrel Lee Jenkins, Marriage, Divorce, and the Reorganization of Young Chileans’ Social Imaginaire


    Sarah Ditty, From Bean to Bar: The Disconnect Between Cocoa Producer and Chocolate Consumer


    Melissa Erdmann, Civilian National Service Programs in Germany and the United States: Civil Society and Civic Engagements

    Graham Lampa, Oriental Anxiety: Mixed Feelings in Germany on Turkey's EU Candidacy  

    Amy Miller, "Fare una Bella Figura": Fashioning an Italian Look and an Italian Female Persona


    Jewell Gausmann, Language as a Means of Socioeconomic Development: The Case of Senegal

    2001 International Studies Departmental Honors Research Projects

    Eric Bartz, Third Party Involvement in Northern Ireland and the Baegue Country

    Linnea Dockter, Bosnia and The Road That Lies Ahead: The Role of International Organizations and Development

    2000 International Studies Departmental Honors Research Projects

    Jennifer Laakso, The Catholic Church in East Timor: The Emergence of a National Identity

    Krista Stilson, Putting the Costs Into Perspective: An Analysis of the Conflicts in Chiapas

    Lindsay Trottier, Bonded and Forced Child Labor: A Hidden Form of Slavery