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    The Hamline University ArtSpace is now open for student use in Osborn Residence Hall.

    ArtSpace provides musical and art supplies for painting, drawing, and sketching on paper and canvas free of charge to all HU students. ArtSpace also has a flat screen tv and sound system available.

    Residents of Osborn have direct access to the space; residents of other dorms or off-campus commuting students can access ArtSpace through their ID cards by arrangement with the Office of Res Life.

    ArtSpace is a collaborative effort for all HU students provided by the Division of Fine Arts (departments of Studio Arts & Art History, Theatre, Music, Creative Writing, and Digital Media Arts) and the Office of Residential Life.

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    Q. Who can access ArtSpace and use the instruments and art supplies there?
    A. Any HU student can access ArtSpace.

    Q. I don’t live in Osborn Res Hall but I am an HU student. How can I get access to ArtSpace?
    A. Contact the Office of Residential Life to arrange for ID card access to ArtSpace.

    Q. What musical instruments are available for use in ArtSpace?
    A. The Office of Residential Life has an inventory list of available instruments, which include four acoustic guitars, two electronic keyboards, and hand percussion instruments.

    Q. What art supplies are available for use in ArtSpace?
    A. Art supplies including easels, tempera (water based) paints, paint brushes, mixing palettes, sketch pads, charcoals and other sketching materials, etc. are available and will be replenished periodically as needed.

    Q. How can I check out musical instruments for use in ArtSpace?
    A. Instruments are locked in storage when not in use by HU students. To check out an instrument please contact any RA in the Heights (if it is after 7 pm) or call the Office of Residential Life to find an RA on duty (if it is before 7 pm).

    Q. How long can I use a musical instrument checked out for ArtSpace?
    A. Instruments are due back to the Osborn RA on duty by the end of the night.

    Q. Can I take ArtSpace instruments or art supplies out of the ArtSpace area?
    A. No. They cannot be used outside of ArtSpace.

    Q. What happens if I lose or damage ArtSpace instruments or art supplies?
    A. The Office of Residential Life will charge you for lost or damaged instruments or art supplies and you will be required to replace them.

    Q. Can ArtSpace be reserved for use by faculty, staff, or students?
    A. Students or student groups may reserve ArtSpace by emailing Jacob Alexander and Rebecca Rosario (pro staff for the Heights) with date, time, and event. Faculty or staff interested in reserving ArtSpace must partner with students or a student group to do so.

    Contact the Office of Residential Life if you have questions or concerns that are not addressed here.