• Digital Media Arts Major
  • Digital Media Arts Major

    The DMA major focuses on the development of creative, technical, and critical skills while providing students with hands-on learning experiences and regular evaluation as they progress through their coursework. Students will receive further individualized feedback on their work through routine portfolio reviews; special emphasis is placed on developing robust portfolios to help students achieve their creative and professional goals as well as prepare them for postgraduate study.

    The major also develops the broad critical skills central to the liberal arts. It is intentionally interdisciplinary, and students will pursue the major in explicit relation to other fields, such as Performing Arts, Studio Arts, Art History, Anthropology, English, Social Justice, Computer Science, Film Studies, and Critical Media Theory.


    Major Requirements

    To earn a degree in Digital Media Arts requires the completion of 12 4-credit courses and 2 2-credit capstone courses.

    Foundation Sequence (3 courses)

    • One Arts Context elective selected from the following:
    • Other 1000-level Art History course with preapproval from the DMA Chair

    Studio Courses (6 courses)

    Select six courses from the following list. Two courses must be at the 3000 level or above. At least three different technical areas must be represented in the selection of courses.

    • (also taught as ART 1900)
    • (also taught as ART 3900)

    Theory (1 course)

    Interconnected Electives (2 courses)

    The two courses in this cluster expand and refine your understanding of digital media as a technological force across disciplines. Each student, working with an advisor, will design and plan a sequence of courses to meet this requirement. The two courses must reflect a cohesive intellectual investigation. At least one of the courses in this sequence must be at the 3000-level or above. The two course sequence must be approved by the Chair of the Digital Media Arts program.

    Capstone (2 courses)

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