• CLA Administrative Structure

    The College of Liberal Arts structure is organized to streamline administrative tasks, re-focus curriculum, strengthen faculty leadership, and maximize shared governance. The college consists of eight administrative “areas,” each of which brings together several departments that are curricularly autonomous but administratively interlinked. Each area is overseen by an “Administrative Head” (AH), a faculty member responsible for the vitality of the area’s departments and programs in terms of scheduling, budgeting, faculty workload distribution, etc. The Administrative Heads meet regularly and report directly to the College dean. Each department and program is in turn led by a department chair or program director, whose primary responsibility is collaborative development of each department’s/program’s curriculum, vision, and future direction.

    Area 1: Jermaine Singleton, Administrative Head

    Communication Studies, George Gaetano, Department Chair
    Digital Media Arts, Joshua Gumiela, Department Chair
    English, Michael Reynolds, Department Chair
    First-Year Writing, Michael Reynolds, Program Director

    Area 2: David Davies, Administrative Head 

    Anthropology, Brian Hoffman, Department Chair
    Conflict Studies, Colleen Bell & Ken Fox, Program Co-Directors
    Criminal Justice & Forensic Science, Sarah Greenman (fall '19) and Shelly Schaefer (spring '20), Department Chairs
    Environmental Studies, K. Valentine Cadieux, Program Director
    Graduate Legal Education, Leondra Hanson, Program Director
    Legal Studies, Leondra Hanson, Department Chair
    Master in the Study of Law (includes Paralegal Certificate Program), Leondra Hanson, Program Director
    Social Justice, Valerie Chepp, Program Director
    Sociology, Ryan LeCount (fall '19) (sabbatical spring '20) and Sharon Preves (spring '20), Department Chairs
    Women's Studies, Kristin Mapel Bloomberg, Department Chair

    Area 3: Nicholas Schlotter, Administrative Head

    Biochemistry, Betsy Martinez-Vaz (sabbatical spring '20) & Larry Masterson (sabbatical 19-20), Program Co-Directors
    Chemistry, Rita Majerle, Department Chair
    Mathematics, Arthur Guetter, Department Chair
    Physics, Lifeng Dong, Department Chair

    Area 4: Aida Audeh, Administrative Head

    The Creative Writing Programs, John Brandon, Program Director
    Music, Yali You, Department Chair
    Studio Arts & Art History, Aida Audeh, Department Chair
    Theatre Arts, William Wallace, Department Chair

    Area 5: Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, Administrative Head

    Global Studies, Kathryn Geurts, Department Chair
    Modern Languages & Literatures, Andrea Bell, Department Chair
    Political Science, Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, Department Chair

    Area 6: William Lindquist, Administrative Head

    School of Education:
      ADAL & Teacher Education, William Lindquist, Chair, Julia Reimer, Associate Chair
      ABE Teaching & Learning Advancement System (ATLAS), Patsy Egan, Program Director
      Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching (CEUT), Rebecca Neal, Executive Director
      Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE), Tracy Fredin, Program Director
      English Learners in the Mainstream (ELM) Project, Amy Stolpestad, Project Coordinator
      Midwest Migrant Education Resource Center (MMERC), Lidibette Guzman, Program Director

    Area 7: Robin Parritz, Administrative Head 

    Biology, Irina Makarevitch, Department Chair
    Exercise Science, Irina Makarevitch, Program Director
    Neuroscience, Erik Asp, Program Director
    Psychology, Robin Parritz, Department Chair
    Public Health Sciences, Paula Mullineaux, Program Director  

    Area 8: Susie Steinbach, Administrative Head

    History, Nurith Zmora, Department Chair
    Philosophy, Samuel Imbo, Department Chair
    Religion, TBD, Department Chair