• Courses and Registration

    Courses & Registration


    • Registration for SPRING 2019 opens at 7 am on Monday, November 5.
    • WINTER and SPRING 2019 course listings can be found HERE.


    Registration is via Piperline for regular courses:

    1. Find course numbers for the courses you want by searching the Piperline Class Schedule 
      [Don't login to Piperline yet!
      See Tips for Successful Registration]
    2. Using your Hamline ID and Piperline PIN, login to the secure area in Piperline
    3. Select Student Services from the welcome page menu
    4. Select Registration from the Student Services menu
    5. Select Register/Add/Drop Classes from the Registration menu
    6. Choose the appropriate term and click Submit
    7. Enter the CRNs for each of your courses click Submit
    8. You can verify your registration by clicking on Student Detail Schedule.


    "Special registrations" are typically independent-style work and require a paper form with designated approvals/signatures. 

    Thesis registration is processed through the CWP office. Please contact The CWP office for registration instructions and thesis timelines.

    Independent Study Registration Form
    Apply to pursue an area of study not covered by the established curriculum. Students may take up to 8 independent study credits during their program.  

    Internship Registration Form
    Please visit the Internship page for more information before registering.

    Cross-School/Cross-Program Registration 
    Complete this form to register for a course outside of your school or program.

    Degree & Additional Licensure Add/Drop/Withdrawal


    • Start by checking the Official Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines. Pay close attention to listed deadlines in order to avoid late fees or class cancellations.
    • Before logging in to the secure area of Piperline to register, browse courses and get your course numbers from the "Course Listing" (from the Logins button up top).    

            1. From top right corner of HU website, hover over "Logins" and select "Course Listings"
            2. Across from "Masters," select the term you wish to view (e.g. Fall 2016)
            3. Creative Writing Programs courses are at the top of the list. To view more information about each course, including course descriptions, click the course title. 

    • If the class you want is closed/full, please register for another course. Monitor enrollment daily in your primary course choice to see if a spot opens up. If so, change your registration.
    • Online registration closes the day before the start of the term. You may still register or drop a class after that time, however changes cannot be made online and a late fee is applied.
    • Contact Student Administrative Services for questions about registration or student finances. Call 651-523-3000 or visit SAS online
    • Still have questions? Email The CWP office.