Campus is open Feb. 20

February 20, 2019

Hamline University is open on Feb. 20.All classes and events will take place today as scheduled. Your safety is important, please take appropriate travel precautions. If there are updates, watch your Hamline email, Twitter, Facebook, or or sign up for text messages here:
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Minor

    The criminology and criminal justice (CCJ) minor provides an overview of the study of crime and criminal justice systems.


    CCJ Minor Requirements

    A student minoring in CCJ must complete 24 credits using the guidelines described below.

    12 additional CJFS elective credits.

    Students must complete 12 additional CJFS elective credits. At least 8 credits must be numbered 3700 or above. CJFS 34xx, 3610, 3650, and 3985 courses may not be used towards a CCJ minor.