• Conflict Studies Certificate

    Acceptance to the Program

    The conflict studies program is open to all interested undergraduates and is individually tailored to address each student's learning objectives. A student wishing to earn a certificate in conflict studies must apply and be approved. Prior to approving a proposed course of study, each student is required to meet with a member of the core faculty to develop a statement that describes the student's proposed learning objectives and how they relate to the student's academic major, and to identify appropriate courses that will meet the student's learning objectives. Approval should be obtained by the end of the term in which the student completes the second required course, Approaches to Conflict Response. Students may only count courses toward the certificate that have been approved in advance by a program director. Students pursuing a minor may elect to continue for a certificate, with approval of a program director.

    About the Certificate

    The undergraduate certificate in conflict studies is designed to provide greater educational depth and integration than the minor. To ensure that students develop a coherent program of study related to their major area of interest, the program is divided into three areas of emphasis or "tracks." After completing the two core courses required of all conflict studies students (CFST 1100 and CFST 3100), each student selects and follows the one track most appropriate for his or her focus of study. Courses within each track are at the 3000-level or above. Students should consult with a conflict studies program director about approved courses within each track.