• Computer Science at Hamline

    Computer science at Hamline is seen both as a tool to be used in many different areas and as a course of study in its own right. 

    Through courses which are designated as computer intensive courses, students become acquainted with the computer as a tool. Through computer science courses, students gain an understanding of not only the tools that are on the computer but how to build their own specialized tools.

    The needs of the computer science minor are met by courses that may include:

    • detailed knowledge of programming

    • a technical understanding of digital electronics

    • work in data structures and algorithm design

    Some of the courses in these areas are cross-listed with courses in other departments such as physics and mathematics.  

    Through Hamline’s flexible curriculum option, students can major in computer science. Students interested in this major should contact the director of the computer science program. 

    Note regarding Summer sections of CSCI 1250 (Introduction to Computer Science): Because of limited space, this course may fill up. Contact the instructor by e-mail (ktakata01@hamline.edu) to be put on the waiting list. Often space becomes available later in the summer.

    Learning Outcomes

    The purpose of learning outcomes at Hamline University is to ensure that our mission and values are realized in what our graduating students know, value, and can do. View all learning outcomes for Computer Science.

  • News

    Undergrad Research at NCUR

    A group of 36 Hamline students are in Memphis, Tennessee to present their collaborative research at the 31st annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Students present original research with topics spanning across a variety of disciplines and programs, from social justice to business, and biology to history.


    Amrit Sharma '09 knew soon after the April 25 earthquake he should be there. Since then he has written over 50 articles letting the world know what is happening in Nepal.


    Benji Altman CLA '18 recently participated in the intercollegiate computer science competition CarlHacks and won first prize, along with his three teammates, for developing an app in just 36 hours to assist those who are colorblind using Google Chrome.