• Resources for Students

    Welcome to these pages, intended to provide support for students and faculty in all disciplines. There are two main areas I address in these pages: formal presentational speaking, and oral communication in discussion contexts. As pages are prepared, I will add them to the site.

    Presentational Speaking




    Revising and Finalizing

    Presenting a Previously Written Paper

    Dealing with Nerves


    Class Discussion

    Responsibilities of Facilitators and Participants

    All of these pages are from Patricia R. Palmerton, Talking, Learning: Oral Communication Across the Curriculum. Copyright © Patricia R. Palmerton, 2001, all rights reserved. A limited number of copies may be made by Hamline University faculty for scholarly or classroom use if the material is distributed without charge and includes the full citation including the URL. All others, contact Patricia Palmerton at ppalmerton@hamline.edu for permission.