• Mitsch Lecture 2015 Revised

    2015 3M/Ronald A. Mitsch Lecture in Chemistry

    "Got Fakes? New Ways to Detect Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals"

    Guest lecturer:
    Dr. Marya Lieberman, Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame

    Friday, April 24 at 12:45 p.m.
    Sundin Music Hall, 1531 Hewitt Avenue, Saint Paul 

    Chemical analysis of pharmaceuticals is a solved problem. So why are so many of the medicines sold in the developing world so poor in quality, and what can chemists do about it? This talk will give a picture of the technological and regulatory infrastructure for pharmaceutical analysis in the developed and developing world. Professor Lieberman discuss how paper millifluidics can be used to perform fast screening tests in the field and how she is applying these tests with collaborators in western Kenya.
    Marya Lieberman, PhD, is an associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame who has conducted extensive research on self-assembled monolayers, interactions between DNA origami and surfaces, and the use of electron-beam lithography for molecular patterning on the sub-100nm scale. She is also research director for The PADs Project, whose aim is to eradicate the disabling mosquito-transmitted illness lymphatic filariasis in Haiti. The project involves production and distribution of salt fortified with iodine and diethylcarbamazine citrate. To assist with quality control, Lieberman developed an assay that can be conducted with minimal lab facilities.

    Lieberman also has developed paper analytical devices (PADs) interfaced with a cell-phone-based image recognition program to address urgent analytical needs in developing countries given the failure of existing technology to achieve scalability in these settings. To date, Lieberman and her colleagues have fabricated and tested more than 5,000 PADs through the project. They are also conducting field sampling of antibiotics, analgesics, and antimalarial drugs in Kenya.

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