• Biochemistry Major

    Major Requirements

    The biochemistry major consists of 17 courses plus seminar and an independent research project.

    Required Courses

    General Chemistry

    • or



    • It is strongly recommended that students majoring in Biochemistry complete a genetics course (such as BIOL 3050) before taking Molecular Cell Biology (BIOL 5900).





    One from the following list of courses:

    • (requires co-registration of CHEM 3940 - Advanced Laboratory Techniques)
    • CHEM 3980 - Special Topics: Molecular Biophysics

    One Additional Course

    Choose one additional course from the list above or from one of the following:      

    •      One 5000-level math, biology, or physics course or
    •      One 3000-level course (e.g. digital electronics, programming); students must obtain permission from program director

    Seminar Requirement:

    Biochemistry students must complete four semesters of either biology seminar (BIOL 5950 and BIOL 5951) or chemistry seminar (CHEM 5950 and CHEM 5951).

    • (three semesters)
    • Or
    • (one semester)
    • (three semesters)
    • (one semester)

    Independent Research Project Requirement:

    Students may choose to enroll in one of the following:

    • BIOC 5970 - Independent Study
    • BIOC 4010 - Collaborative Research
    • BIOL 5700 - Research in Biology
    • CHEM 5960 - Chemistry Research

    Written documentation of an appropriate independent research project from the program directors may also be substituted.


    BIOC, BIOL, and CHEM courses listed above count as inside the major and do not qualify for breadth of study. BIOL and CHEM courses taken as preparation or electives do count for breadth of study.