• Creative Writing Major

    Major Program

    Hamline's creative writing major provides students a rigorous apprenticeship in the craft and process of writing; a tiered curriculum in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction; a strong background in the British and American literary traditions; and an understanding of the theoretical dimensions of reading and writing. Students will learn how to read closely as a writer, to create their own original works, and to analyze and appreciate the elements that comprise works of literature. 

    Course Requirements

    To earn a bachelor of fine arts (BFA), students must complete 15 courses: 9 courses in creative writing and an English minor (6 courses).


    Creative Writing


    Two of the following:

    One of the following:

    One of the following:

    Creative Writing Topics

    • Two additional creative writing topics courses above 3000-level


    • WRIT 3990: Internship

    Senior Seminar


    English minor


    • Two non-writing courses above 3020
    • One additional 3000-level elective

    One of the following: