• 2019-2020 Poverty Series

    Listed below is our 2019-2020 Poverty Series. Join our mailing list to get first access to tickets! Continuing education credits are available for each event. 

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    We Are All Criminals

    Join the Center for Justice and Law on Friday, September 20th 1:00-4:30pm for "We Are All Criminals" at Hamline University with keynote speaker Emily Baxter. Come hear the stories of those who committed crimes, those who got away with them, and those who have been directly affected by the criminal justice system. There will also be an art display created by women who are incarcerated in Ramsey County. 

    Wrongful Convictions: Race, Culture, and Poverty

    The Center for Justice and Law presents Wrongful Convictions: Race, Culture, and Poverty on Friday, October 4th 12:30-4:30pm. Come hear the experiences of Julie Jonas from the Minnesota Innocence Project and Koua Fong Lee, who was wrongly convicted of killing three people in 2006 in the Twin Cities. This event will examine the role of race, culture, and poverty in contributing to wrongful convictions.

    Blueprint to Ending Poverty

    Join the Center for Justice and Law on Friday, December 6th 12:30 - 4:00 pm for Blueprint to Ending Poverty. How can we end poverty in the Twin Cities? In 2009, Minnesota Legislature Commission to End Poverty created a report with a pathway to end poverty in Minnesota by 2020. What has worked? What hasn't? What do we need to do next? We will examine poverty from the perspective of courts, nonprofit organizations, corrections, and personal experience.

    Poverty and Barriers to Reentry

    Join the Center for Justice and Law and Mitchell Hamline School of Law on Friday, February 28th 8am - 5:00pm. This event will be hosted at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Saint Paul, MN. This full-day conference will discuss the barriers of reentry incarcerated individuals experienced and explore possible solutions. 5.0 hours of Continuing Education Credit are available.

    Placemaking and Peacemaking: Restorative Strategies for Communities and Crime

    CANCELLED: Join the Center for Justice and Law on Friday, April 3rd 12:30 - 4:00pm. This half-day conference will focus on placemaking and peacemaking strategies nationally, as well as discuss opportunities to implement peacemaking locally. 2.5 hours of Continuing Education Credits are available.

    Placemaking goes back to the 1960s and is based on the belief that the best indicator of the resiliency and safety of a neighborhood is the vitality of its public life. Peacemaking is a traditional Native American approach to justice, focused on healing and community restoration rather than punishment (Center for Court Innovation). 


    Criminalization of Mental Illness Conference: Complex Pathways

    CANCELLED: Please join us for Hamline Center for Justice and Law's 2nd Annual Conference on the Criminalization of Mental Illness. This year's focus is the complex problem of mental illness in the criminal justice system with specific attention to adolescents, homelessness, substance use, and trauma. Complex problems require complex, multi-system solutions. Our panelists will discuss innovative prevention and intervention strategies taking place across Minnesota. We will host a resource fair showcasing mental health and criminal justice resources across the Twin Cities.


    Additional poverty related resources.