• Associated Faculty

    The Hamline Center for Justice and Law features a core group of affiliated Hamline faculty who draw on a broad array of disciplines to provide high-impact educational experiences.

    Stephen Arnott
    Area of expertise: evidence, international law, international human rights

    Letitia E. Basford
    Area of expertise: school-to-prison pipeline 

    Colleen Bell
    Area of expertise: justice-involved women 

    Stacie Bosley
    Area of expertise: income-related fraud including pyramid and Ponzi scams, behavioral economics

    Valerie L. Chepp
    Area of expertise: social justice, activism, pedagogy

    M Sheridan Embser-Herbert
    Area of expertise: gender justice, wrongful convictions

    Gina Erickson
    Area of expertise: crime theory, crime and the life course, transition to adulthood, juveniles

    Ken Fox
    Area of expertise: criminal practice, restorative and mediation processes, theoretical frames on conflict response

    Sarah J. Greenman
    Area of expertise: violence, victimization, sanctioning, deterrence

    Leondra Hanson
    Area of expertise: legal education, access to justice, women and law

    Glenn Hardin
    Area of expertise: forensic science

    Jeanne Kosieradzki
    Area of expertise: civil litigation, legal education

    Joe Lewis
    Area of expertise: school-to-prison pipeline

    Kimaya McKeage
    Area of expertise: gender justice, economic justice

    Susan Myster
    Area of expertise: forensic anthropology 

    Kristen Norman-Major
    Area of expertise: social policy, social equity and diversity in the public sector

    Joseph Peschek
    Area of expertise: voting rights, economic justice, inequality

    Jillian Peterson
    Area of expertise: forensic psychology, mental illness, violent crime

    Shelly Schaefer
    Area of expertise: juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice, prisoner reentry, and policy evaluation

    Jim Scheibel
    Area of expertise: civic studies 

    David A. Schultz
    Area of expertise: constitutional law, elections