• York - Kendra Boyle Hoban

    University of York

    Hamline offers a semester-long program abroad in partnership with the University of York, England. This is one of the few semester-long programs where a number of Hamline students take a course together. Students take one four-credit course offered by an on-site Hamline University professor, and 12 credits of their choice, with the option to complete an internship. York’s Management School offers a Bachelor’s of Science or Arts in Management as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting, Business Finance and Management. The Management School is more selective than the social science departments, but if you are accepted then you can bring back credits for your business major.

    While studying in York, students experience British life, living in the university dormitories. It is less intimidating than most other study abroad experiences, because you are with Hamline students going through the same adjustments to living and studying away from Hamline. The group also travels on two excursions that are included in the program cost. This study abroad program is a great option for students who would like to travel to an Anglophone country and easily transfer their credits back to Hamline.

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